MeMe America is the answer of current trading environment to set up For new era of the multi dimension trading and manufacturing facility and service. With two branch to work both domestic and overseas production .

MeMe America is working with textile and clothing factory domestically

To build up the core item and support made in usa , develop more new products Along with bring new automation machine to support domestic production back in skill and efficiency Level to compete imports. From yarn to fabric, from fabric to clothing and home textile.

MeMe America is working on home based crafts industry along with partner project homecrafts.TV

To support all the material and accessories to each member family to gain extra incomes.

MeMe international remain active as our previous groups of the companies in various imports in textile and Clothing, home goods , licensor products in Toy and lifestyle . Along with worldwide compliance factory To support all demands from buyers.

MeMe consulting division design for all demands from shifting company strategy to new supply chain along with trade finance, regroup products and sales , merge and acquisition , international presentation. Our leading partner has tremendous background for all of these activity.


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